Napoleon Grill Review

Short History of Napoleon Brand

The Napoleon brand, previously operating under the name Wolf Steel Ltd., boasts a rich history spanning several decades as North America’s foremost privately-owned manufacturer of fireplaces, grills, and gas furnaces.

This narrative delves into the brand’s enduring legacy and its significant contributions to the industry:

  • Inception (1976): Founded by Wolfgang Schroeter and his co-founder, Ingrid, in 1976, Wolf Steel Ltd. initially focused on manufacturing steel railings in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Innovation in Heating (1980s-1990s): Wolfgang Schroeter’s pioneering spirit led to the creation of wood-burning stoves, which evolved into cast iron stoves with a glass door, allowing users to witness the fire within. During the 1980s and early 1990s, Napoleon’s wood stoves gained popularity in Canada and the United States.
  • Diversification and Birth of Napoleon (1995): In 1995, the brand diversified its product line to include barbecue grills, giving rise to the Napoleon brand.
  • Global Expansion (2010s): In 2010, Napoleon introduced a charcoal grill for European markets and expanded its presence in the United Kingdom, Austria, and the Netherlands. The brand’s barbecue models found homes worldwide, including Israel, Mexico, and Chile.
  • Innovative Heating Solutions (2013): Napoleon achieved a milestone in 2013 by inventing the world’s smallest 30,000 BTU gas furnace, revolutionizing the industry.
  • Generational Transition (2018): In 2018, founders Wolfgang and Ingrid Schroeter retired, passing leadership to their sons, Christopher and Stephen Schroeter, who became co-CEOs.
  • Manufacturing Excellence: Napoleon excels in wood stoves, gas grills, and HVAC products, boasting dedicated research and development departments. With a global workforce of 1,600, approximately 80% of manufacturing operations are centralized in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Accolades and Recognition: Napoleon has received numerous awards, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012), recognition as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte since 2013, and the Brand Builder Awards Marketer of the Year (2018).

Napoleon’s history is a testament to innovation, global reach, and a commitment to providing top-quality heating and outdoor living products. With a legacy of excellence, Napoleon continues to shine in the industry.

Napoleon Grills: A Closer Look at Remarkable Features

Napoleon grills typically stand out from other grills like the Kamado Grill or Pit Boss Grill due to their distinct construction and design. Napoleon grills often feature a more conventional form with a wheeled chassis, handles, and unique details, such as their trademark roll-top lid. These elements give them a closer resemblance to typical gas and charcoal grills. This distinct design is one of the key characteristics that can assist you in identifying Napoleon grills. Their familiar appearance and functional features make them easily recognizable in the world of outdoor cooking equipment.

When considering Napoleon grills for your outdoor culinary adventures, it’s crucial to delve into their exceptional features that set them apart in the grilling world.

  1. Stainless Steel Construction: Napoleon grills are crafted with stainless steel, ensuring longevity and durability. This premium material not only adds to the grill’s lifespan but also maintains its aesthetic appeal.
  2. Spacious Cooking Areas: Napoleon understands the importance of cooking space. Their grills offer generous cooking areas, ranging from 425 to a whopping 900 square inches. This provides ample room to grill an assortment of delicious dishes for your gatherings.
  3. Precise Temperature Control: Multiple burners allow for precise temperature control, enabling you to cook various types of food simultaneously. Achieve the perfect sear on a steak while gently roasting vegetables, all on the same grill.
  4. Versatility in Accessories: Napoleon grills are more than just grills; they are culinary platforms. With additional features like side burners, rotisserie kits, and infrared burners, these grills offer versatility beyond the ordinary. Explore new cooking techniques and elevate your grilling game.
  5. Advanced Ignition System: Start-up is a breeze with Napoleon’s advanced ignition system. Say goodbye to frustrating ignition processes and focus on what truly matters – grilling.
  6. Enhanced Grilling Experience: Napoleon grills prioritize user experience with thoughtful features. BBQ lights ensure that your grilling doesn’t have to stop when the sun sets. Iconic wave cooking grids distribute heat evenly for consistent results. The infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ provides searing and caramelizing capabilities, taking your steaks to the next level.
  7. Convenience Meets Accessibility: The roll-top lid design offers easy access to the grill, making flipping burgers or checking your grill’s progress hassle-free.
  8. Charcoal Tray for Flavor: For those who appreciate the unique flavor of charcoal, Napoleon grills include a charcoal tray. Infuse your dishes with that classic smoky taste.
  9. Fuel Efficiency: Napoleon grills are not only high-performing but also fuel-efficient. You’ll spend less time worrying about refueling and more time enjoying your culinary creations.
  10. SafetyGlow Knobs: Safety is paramount with Napoleon. The inclusion of SafetyGlow knobs provides added assurance during nighttime grilling sessions.

A Guide to Main Series of the Napoleon Grills and Their Distinctions

Napoleon Grills, a renowned name in the world of barbecues (BBQ) and grilling, offers a diverse range of grill series to cater to various grilling preferences and needs. In this table, we’ll provide an overview of the main series of Napoleon grills and highlight their key distinctions.

Gas Grills

Series Features Notable Points
Prestige PRO™ Series Advanced grilling features and performance. Premium construction, corrosion resistance.
Phantom Series Matte Black finish for a sleek look. Stylish design, high-quality performance.
Prestige® Series Reliable gas grills with excellent construction. Durability, consistent performance.
Rogue® SE Series A balance of performance and affordability. Ideal for those seeking value and quality.
Rogue® XT Series Enhanced grilling capabilities. Upgraded features for grilling enthusiasts.
Rogue® Series Entry-level gas grills. Budget-friendly options without compromising quality.
Legend Series Legendary grills with timeless appeal. Classic design, reliable performance.
Freestyle™ Series Portable and versatile gas grills. Perfect for on-the-go grilling adventures.
Rebel Series Affordable yet reliable grills. A budget-friendly choice for grill enthusiasts.

Built-in Gas Grills

Series Features Notable Points
Built-in 700 Series Built-in grills with premium quality. Designed for outdoor kitchen setups.
Built-in 500 Series High-performance built-in grills. Ideal for custom outdoor cooking areas.
Built-in Prestige PRO™ Series Premium built-in grills with advanced features. Designed for culinary excellence.
Built-in Prestige® Series Quality built-in grills for outdoor kitchens. Durability and performance for outdoor chefs.

Portable Grills

Series Features Notable Points
TravelQ™ PRO Series Portable grills with professional performance. Compact, yet powerful for on-the-go grilling.
TravelQ™ Series Portable grills for outdoor adventures. Lightweight and easy to transport.

Napoleon Infrared Series

The Napoleon Infrared Series is a stellar lineup of gas grills designed to take your grilling experience to a whole new level. These grills are equipped with cutting-edge infrared burners that produce intense searing heat, resulting in juicier, tastier steaks, hamburgers, and other meats. Let’s dive into the details of this impressive series:

Innovative Features

1. Searing Heat for Exceptional Flavor

The hallmark of the Napoleon Infrared Series is its infrared burners, which are engineered to generate searing heat. This intense heat ensures that your meats are not only cooked to perfection but also infused with incredible flavor.

2. Precision Heating with Thousands of Ports

Each infrared burner boasts a staggering 10,000 tiny ports, each with its individual flame. This intricate design provides a consistently heated grilling area with easily adjustable temperatures. Say goodbye to uneven cooking; Napoleon’s infrared burners deliver precision and control.

3. Charcoal-Like Infrared Cooking

The surface of the ceramic infrared burners glows red, emitting the same type of infrared heat found in charcoal grilling. This unique feature imparts that irresistible smoky flavor to your food, reminiscent of traditional charcoal grilling.

4. Versatile Heat Control

Napoleon’s infrared burners are incredibly versatile. You can set them to high for instant searing, achieving those perfect grill marks, or dial them down for slower cooking at lower temperatures. This flexibility means you can tackle a wide range of recipes with ease.

5. Efficiency Redefined

Not only do infrared burners elevate your grilling game, but they also contribute to efficiency. Napoleon’s infrared burner technology uses less gas and significantly reduces cooking time, allowing you to enjoy your culinary creations sooner.

Models in the Series

One standout model in the Napoleon Infrared Series is the Napoleon Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill with Infrared Side and Rear Burners. This grill is a comprehensive grilling package, featuring a stunning porcelain enamel black hood, robust stainless steel construction, and a host of features that enhance your grilling experience.

Benefits of Infrared Cooking

  • Save on Gas: Infrared cooking allows you to reduce both the amount of gas (natural or propane) and the cooking time, translating into cost savings.
  • Exceptional Flavor: Infrared burners produce searing heat, resulting in juicier, tastier steaks, hamburgers, and other meats.
  • Precision Control: Achieve consistent heat across the grilling surface with temperature that’s easy to regulate, thanks to Napoleon’s innovative technology.
  • Efficient and Quick: Napoleon’s infrared burner technology not only conserves gas but also speeds up the cooking process.

Most Popular – Napoleon Prestige 500 Gas Grill

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The Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill is a stainless steel marvel designed to make grilling for a crowd a breeze. With its generous grilling area and numerous features, this grill is a standout option for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the key points that make the Napoleon Prestige 500 a top-notch choice for your next BBQ gathering.

Key Features

  • Burners: The Prestige 500 boasts four burners with a total of 48,000 BTU’s, ensuring even heating for your grilling needs.
  • Grilling Area: With a generous 760 square inches of total grilling area, you can easily grill up to thirty burgers at once.
  • Cooking Grids: The 7.5 mm thick stainless steel cooking grids are not only virtually maintenance-free but also feature a unique wave shape that prevents food from falling through and creates exceptional sear marks.
  • Side Shelves: Large side shelves provide ample prep and staging space for your grilling convenience.
  • Ignition System: Ignite the Prestige Gas Barbecue Grill instantly with a battery-free ignition system, ensuring burners light immediately with a jet of flame.
  • Storage Cabinet: The grill’s spacious storage cabinet allows you to keep your favorite BBQ accessories close at hand.
  • Sear Plates: Dual level stainless steel sear plates catch and vaporize food drippings, protecting the stainless steel tube burners and keeping your barbecue cleaner.
  • Backlit Control Knobs: The backlit control knobs are illuminated with blue LED lights that change to red when the gas is on, making nighttime grilling safer and more convenient.

Product Description

The Napoleon Prestige 500 is more than just a grill; it’s a versatile cooking companion. Its large grilling area and warming rack make it easy to cook for a crowd. You’ll instantly recognize the Napoleon brand with its iconic WAVE™ cooking grids, creating those distinctive sear marks that enhance the flavor of your food.

Not only is this grill durable on the outside, but it also features quality stainless steel construction for the cooking grids, tube burners, and sear plates. The LIFT EASE™ roll top lid provides superior heat retention, allowing you to sear, bake, roast, smoke, and even convert your grill into a charcoal BBQ with the optional Charcoal Tray.

Safety is paramount with the SafetyGlow feature, where the control knobs glow red when the burner is on, preventing accidental leave-ons. This compact grill comes with folding side shelves and interior cabinet storage, all housed within a minimalist pedestal base.

Napoleon Grill Price Range

The cost of Napoleon grills varies depending on several factors, including the specific model and where you choose to make your purchase. To give you an idea of the price range, here are examples:

  1. Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill: This high-end model is priced at around $2,299.00.
  2. Napoleon grills on Amazon: You’ll find Napoleon grills on Amazon spanning a broad price spectrum, from approximately $200 to $4,000.
  3. Rogue 425 SIB: A mid-range option, the Rogue 425 SIB, is available at an approximate cost of $769.99.
  4. Napoleon grills on BBQGuys: On BBQGuys, Napoleon grills fall within the range of $1,499.00 to $2,949.00.
  5. Napoleon grills on Barbeques Galore: For those seeking a more budget-friendly choice, Napoleon grills at Barbeques Galore can be found at prices ranging from $64.99 to $1,149.00.

It’s worth noting that the price of Napoleon grills can fluctuate based on the specific model you’re interested in, the features it offers, and the retailer you choose. Users have reported that, considering the features and performance, Napoleon grills generally offer good value for their price point.

User Opinions on Napoleon Grills

Napoleon grills have garnered a range of opinions from users, and these perspectives shed light on what makes these grills unique:

1. Preferred Over Weber Grills: Some users express a preference for Napoleon grills over Weber grills. They appreciate the larger grilling space, higher temperature capabilities, and impressive features offered by Napoleon.

2. Feature Appreciation: Users frequently highlight the standout features of Napoleon grills, including the iconic wave cooking grids, infrared SIZZLE ZONE™, roll-top lid, charcoal tray, and SafetyGlow knobs. These features enhance the overall grilling experience.

3. Napoleon Rogue 425 SIB: Users find the Napoleon Rogue 425 SIB to be a quality grill for its price point. While it may have minor drawbacks, the positives outweigh these shortcomings.

4. Napoleon Prestige 500: The Napoleon Prestige 500 gas grill earns praise for its well-thought-out design, impressive build quality, generous warranty, robust performance, and comprehensive feature set.

5. Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500: The Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500 gas grill is regarded as a special model within the lineup. It shares all the attributes of the original Prestige 500 but stands out with its luxurious matte black finish, adding an air of elegance and mystique to outdoor grilling.

6. Solid and High Quality: Users commonly describe Napoleon grills as solid, high-quality appliances with attractive aesthetics that enhance their outdoor spaces.

7. Favorable Comparison to Weber: Some users go as far as to claim that Napoleon grills outperform any Weber grill they have owned, highlighting their satisfaction with the brand’s offerings.

Overall, user opinions on Napoleon grills lean towards the positive side, with a focus on impressive features, durable construction, and strong overall performance. While minor shortcomings have been reported, the consensus among users is that Napoleon grills are a worthwhile investment for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

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Napoleon Grills offers a wide range of grilling options to suit every preference, from gas grills with advanced features to portable electric grills and classic charcoal grills. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a novice griller, Napoleon has a series to meet your needs. Explore their offerings and elevate your grilling game this BBQ season!