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Wood Heat Organization Inc., a nonprofit, nongovernmental agency dedicated to the responsible use of wood as a home heating fuel.
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Other State/Country & US EPA Information

Many states have serious concerns about OWBs due to the health impacts and nuisance effects. Vermont has been working closely with these states on OWB issues. In addition, many municipalities across the US and Canada have moved to ban or regulate OWBs. Some of the documents or news items relevant to efforts by other governing bodies are listed below.
A.G. Targets Air Pollution Problem in  Rural Communities -NY (pdf)
CT DEP Fact Sheet (pdf)
EPA Woodstove Information
Increased use of outdoor wood boilers causing some air quality concerns - WI (pdf)
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
How Outdoor Wood Boilers "stack up"
Michigan - Outdoor Wood Boilers
Ministry of Environment British Columbia
Outdoor Wood Boilers (Water Stoves)
WI Dept. of Public Health (pdf)
Petition for rulemaking under Regarding Outdoor Wood Boilers
NY to EPA 8/05 (pdf)
Smoke Gets in Your Lungs: State of NY, Office of the AG (pdf)
Vermont Residential Wood Heat Fuel


American Lung Association - Air Quality

News Items

Outdoor wood burning systems splitting neighbors They may be effective, but they're dirty - Times Argus 12/06 -VT  (pdf)
Rutland Herald (VT) Outdoor boilers vex Clarendon residents
USA Today- Hidden Costs of Wood Burning
USA Today-Anger burns against outdoor boilers
USA Today-Wood boilers fuel air quality debate

Certain Uncertified Outdoor Wood Boilers Must be Retired by December 31, 2012 - State Offers Financial Incentives for Efficient Heating Systems

Cleaner Outdoor Wood Boilers Touted (VT VPR)


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