Even Embers Pellet Grill Is It Worth Buying?

Even Embers Pellet Grill: A Cost-Effective Alternative?

In the world of grilling, enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best equipment that combines performance with affordability. On the internet discussions user often raise questions about the Even Embers Pellet Grill, sparking curiosity among fellow grillers.

The Manufacturer of Even Embers Grills

Even Embers grills are produced by The Boltz Group, and this brand is associated with imported gas grills that are manufactured under contract with several Chinese producers. The Boltz Group’s ownership of Even Embers is notable, and the company comprises former employees of the now-defunct Brinkmann Corporation.

It’s essential to be aware of the brand’s manufacturing details and the involvement of The Boltz Group when considering an Even Embers grill purchase. Understanding the manufacturer’s background can provide insights into the grill’s quality, design, and potential performance.

Brand and Cost Comparison

The Even Embers Pellet Grill, available at Tractor Supply, caught the user’s attention for its remarkably lower cost compared to established brands like Traeger. While the user acknowledged that it might not match the quality and reputation of well-known brands, the significant cost difference made them eager to explore its potential.

One Reddit user mentioned ZGrills, a company that reportedly originally manufactured Traeger grills. This association with Traeger raised some interest in the Even Embers Pellet Grill as a potential budget-friendly alternative.

The Cost Factor and Performance Expectations

The central point of discussion revolves around the cost-effectiveness of the Even Embers Pellet Grill. For many grillers, the appeal of this grill lies in its significantly reduced price tag, which makes it an attractive option for those looking to enter the world of pellet grilling without breaking the bank.

While the community was intrigued by the affordability, there were no specific details provided regarding the grill’s performance, durability, or features. Users are likely to consider the Even Embers Pellet Grill based on factors like temperature control, cooking area, and build quality.

Series Overview in Light of Reliability Concerns

Even Embers offers several series of pellet grills, but it’s crucial to assess their reliability, especially when considering models that have been discontinued or are no longer available. Let’s explore each series while keeping in mind the brand’s reliability concerns:

Even Embers® 28″

The Even Embers® 28″ series represents a classic approach to pellet grills, but it’s notable that this series has been discontinued. This raises questions about why it might have been removed from production or if there were reliability issues.

Even Embers® Egg

The Even Embers® Egg series features a unique egg-shaped design and precise temperature control. While it’s known for these features, it’s worth considering if the brand’s reliability concerns could affect the long-term durability of this distinctive grill.

Pellet Smoker and Grill

This series combines smoking and grilling capabilities in one unit but is also discontinued. The discontinuation might prompt potential buyers to wonder if there were reliability issues that led to this decision.

In light of the brand’s reliability concerns, it’s possible that discontinued models faced ongoing issues that affected their performance or durability. Potential buyers should exercise caution and thoroughly research any available models to assess their reliability and whether they meet their grilling needs. The absence of certain series from production or the market might suggest that Even Embers addressed these reliability concerns by discontinuing underperforming models. However, it’s essential to weigh these factors when considering an Even Embers pellet grill purchase.

Even Embers SMK2028AS Grill

If you’re in the market for a new grill and considering the Even Embers SMK2028AS, you’ve come to the right place. In this product description, we’ll delve into the key features and specifications of the Even Embers SMK2028AS grill, as well as provide valuable insights from Consumer Reports. Let’s explore what makes this grill stand out.


  • Timer: No
  • Temperature Probe: 0
  • Chimney: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Utensil Hooks: No
  • Additional Features or Accessories: Cover included


  • Exterior Dimensions: 55 x 46 x 34 inches
  • Grates: Coated-steel
  • Measured Cooking Grid Area: 505 square inches
  • Secondary Cooking Grid Area: 0 square inches
  • Hopper Size: 10 pounds
  • Fuel Input Ratings: 3.57
  • Shelf Space: 0
  • Bottom Shelf Space: 300 square inches
  • Claimed Temperature Range: Smoke, 200-500°F
  • Wheels and Casters: 2 wheels that require some lifting when moving
  • Additional Shelf Area: 265 square inches

Product Description

Consumer Reports has assessed the Even Embers SMK2028AS grill on several important aspects:

  • Indirect Cooking: This rating indicates the grill’s temperature at the smoke or lowest setting. It’s essential for slow-cooking tasks.
  • Evenness Performance: This measures how evenly the grill heats across its surface at both the highest and lowest settings, using thermocouples.
  • Cleaning: This metric evaluates how easy it is to clean the ash out of the grill and remove pellets from the hopper. Note that many pellet grills typically require a shop vacuum for cleaning.
  • Convenience: This rating assesses the overall user-friendliness and convenience of the grill.
  • Temperature Range: It provides information about the grill’s temperature range, crucial for various cooking styles.


The Even Embers SMK2028AS is part of Consumer Reports’ Grills test program. This means it has undergone rigorous testing to provide you with a comprehensive evaluation. It falls into the category of Pellet Grills and has been assessed on various criteria, which we will delve into shortly.


The Even Embers SMK2028AS grill offers a range of features and specifications that cater to grilling enthusiasts. Its performance in terms of indirect cooking, evenness, and temperature range is integral to its appeal. While it lacks certain features like a timer and utensil hooks, it does come with a chimney and a 1-year warranty.

Final Verdict: Worth a Try?

For budget-conscious grill enthusiasts, the Even Embers Pellet Grill represents an intriguing proposition. While it may not match the reputation of established brands, its significantly lower cost makes it an appealing option for those willing to compromise on certain features and quality. However, without detailed performance reviews, it’s challenging to make a final judgment on whether this grill lives up to its cost-effective promise.

In conclusion, the Even Embers Pellet Grill has stirred curiosity among grillers due to its budget-friendly price point. It may be a worthwhile option for those seeking an entry-level pellet grill, but potential buyers should consider their specific grilling needs and research further into the grill’s performance and durability before making a decision.

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